Profile of services

Our company does:

In electromontage:

  • repairing, maintenance, fitting of restricted technical appliances of electricity to 22 KV
  • operated main of heavy current and illumination
  • delivering, fitting of measured and regulated technique
  • production of switchboards for low voltage and measurement and control

In supervisioned functions:

  • specialized sevices of electrical devices and lightning conductors
  • specialized services of restricted stable pressure containers
  • specialized services of restricted gaseous devices
  • specialized services of low-pressured boiler rooms
  • specialized services of chimneys
  • specialized services of fire extinguishers
  • specialized services of gas leak detectors and Co

In design activities

  • proposition and work out of project documentation for electrical devices to 22 KV
  • proposition and work out of project documentation for low pressured boiler room /both for tough and gaseous fuel/
  • Proposition and work out of project documentation for central heating


In management of energy:

  • monitoring of energy usage courses
  • energy analyses of electric energy offtakes
  • minding and optimization of ¼ hour electric maximum
  • transmission of regulated commands by wireless transfer
  • compensate of sterile energy-production, montage and reconstruction of distributors
  • counselling and consulting activities – according of the free inspection of the consumption place, we´ll suggest the most suitable regulated system for active or sterile power
  • service of energy-representation of customers at the negotiations with the suppliers of electrity


Preparing the project of energy

Goals of the project:

  • provide to the customer the omnibus data of the current condition of energy management
  • determine the accessible potential of saving
  • propose the time and material graduality of realization optimizated measured most effective point of view from economic and energy
  • to rate the measuring of usage the mediums of energy
  • to determine the real effectiveness of the own source
  • process the system of strategy to the future


  Despite of the fact, that our firm has been established in 2007 – the owner of the firma as well as his collaboratorshave got adequate experiences and a long practice in this specialized line, as well as in the area of organizing the firm and in providing the quality of marketing.
  The owner of the firm puts great emphasis when the new workers are chosen to their specialized readiness and a willingness to contribute the progress of the firm. By bigger orders the firm provides the work by subdelivery. At working activities of the firm is fully used the computer technology, which is used to work out the price calculations, budgets and keeping records of the store house.